Cushion Palace.


It’s the place where worries come to die. The place where comfort and happiness reign. No matter how bad a day is the term ‘sleep on it’ is ever applicable.

The silky breeze that surrounds your fingers, the cloud like support for your heavy head. There is literally nothing better. The vague sound of television noise in the background, you are almost completely left with your thoughts. But it’s not like the usual stress-bathed worry, it’s like they’re grounded. Sent back into the earth from which they spawned. The stitched patterns the flood your opaque vision. The waft of pillow air that has remnants of the new shampoo you bought. Can you think of a better way to rest?

It’s just a shame you have to brave the environmental pressures of the world when you awake from this godly slumber, but maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be? To cope with our degenerate lives we need this break, we need this silky-haven. We couldn’t survive with out it, couldn’t live with out it. Sleep is a part of you, me, your friends, your family, every person and being you’ve ever come into contact with. So please, don’t loose your precious sleep over the stress from the day. Relinquish it and revel in your silky-slumber.

– Aran Edin


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