Day 1-Part 2: Me, who am I again?

My back story is riddled with horror and gore, but beyond all the bad there is something truly good. My love for the unusual began when I was a mere child, age six to be precise. I remember collecting beetles and centipedes from my garden and studying them. drawing them, watching how they moved and the way the centipede would hunt absolutely captivated me. I was completely fascinated and I still am to this day. My interests were fed when I came across a local exotic pet shop. It was the first time I’d ever been able to view so many alien beings up close. It was magical. The way they had become accustom to being spectacles of nature and the huge variety of creatures it holds. After that I was completely obsessed. I returned a few days later and my father purchased me a pair of Austrailian Spine phasmids (Extatosoma tiaratum). They were incredible, the way they moved, the way they fed. It was all new. Ever since, I’ve been completely enthralled by Entomology and Herpetology. So much so, that I’ve kept over 400 different species of Invertebrate, Amphibian and Reptile. My living specimens at the moment range into the hundred mark. But this is equally matched by my preserved collection. I will share with you all my day-by-day encounters and new learning curves of Entomology and the current issues surrounding it. Thank you for reading, I will be back my friends.

-Aran Edin














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