Eternally Finite.


Excusing the oxymoron, the presence of objects and life being finite are an everyday occurrence, we push them to the back of our minds in hopes of them going away. I believe this is the reason death and despair are so shocking when they happen, death is always described as “sudden” when in reality, it’s been a life time coming. Not to be entirely morbid, you shouldn’t sit around all day and ponder your imminent stage of perishing. But I do think we should make more aware that one day the people we love and care for will die, they’ll decompose and be taken back into the earth which boar us. The ever present and most likely omniscient finite tendency of nature will never end, it affects every aspect of our being not just life and death but every day things are finite, that coffee or tea you drank this morning, the mug was once full it now remains empty. Memories and ideas in your head are the most feared of being finite, because once you loose them, you loose a part of your self. But maybe that’s the process of death. Maybe your mind is being extremely merciful when it begins to release those treasured memories, so that when you do die, you aren’t tormented with what’s happened through out your life. And those who see their whole lives flash before their eyes in near death experiences could be the mind trying to speed up it’s mercy because it’s you’re not dying a natural death. But then what could be considered a natural death, the vague usage of the term ‘died from natural causes’ or a predeclared integer in time which will mark your final conscious moments on this planet. But back to the morbidity of death, why is it classed as being so ‘morbid’? Who decided that we should treat death like an unwanted and gruesome bill. One day you will have to pay the price and the sooner you come to terms with that, the better equipped you’ll be when it happens. I say fuck morbidity and fuck the way society has treated death, when I die the only thing I’ll regret is that I couldn’t do more with my loved ones. That shouldn’t ruin the things you’ve already done with them.

Being finite is nothing to be afraid of, not doing anything knowing you are, is.


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