The Ever Changing, Monogamous Strands of Being.


It’s really quite strange when you think about your hair, it being the ruminants of our evolutionary ancestry, we treat it with such caution and value it so much. But why? Everyone always talk about how they want or have their hair but no one asks “why is it so important?” This isn’t a new social premiss, it’s been a long term obsession by people the world round. Some people even believe the colour of your hair dictates your intellectual potential. But when you get down to it, it’s just a bunch of keratin on your head that you’ve shaped into a completely unnatural state or killed and bathed in colour, how is something so crude and so pointless, valued so much. I’m not going to sit her and say I don’t brush my hair or cut into a style, I’d be ridiculed socially if I didn’t. But I can ask why? Why cause so much pressure on so many people to conform to the ideology that having a ‘better do’ makes you better than others? Someone could have an Afro and be a neuroscientist or have blonde, straight hair and be president. This phenomena isn’t restricted to the younger age bar, I’ve witnessed grandmothers with bright pink Mohawks, this is obviously an issue that spans over every age, race and creed imaginable. I just don’t understand why not one person, one single person has ever asked “why?” It seems like an easy question, this kind of social obsession can’t have originated from nothing. Something must of started this mass hysteria with the ‘in look’.


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