Anxiety of Society.


Why does our society fear so much? Fear any kind of change, whether it be voice, colour, action, creed or love. If it’s different it’s condemned. We are creatures of adaption, so why can’t we adapt to small changes in our own species? Instead of looking to a vague deity, look to yourself. The soul reason our society is so focused on the status quo is because you can’t handle change. Instead we take to violence and ignorance, fuelled by undertones of tripe from an emotionally non-existent government. Why allow them to guide you into this ignorance, why allow them to destroy the beauty of other cultures. Why let them deny you the opportunity to expand your mind to see what other can’t. Appreciate your fellow Homo sapien, appreciate the spectrum of life. Appreciate the world outside our all but forgotten traditions and dark age ways. It’s beautiful when you let it in, it’s full of colour and life and there’s always something that will inspire you. Once you let this wonderful flow of different skins into your own, you’ll adapt. You’ll adapt to the ever changing environment, the dynamic world. Don’t remain in ignorance, open you mind. It will set you free.


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