Falling into the Crack.


There comes a point in your life when you’re at a big turning point. This can manifest in a huge manner of ways. Whether it be moving to a new area, falling in love or even something as simple as planning a holiday. But once you’re on the cusp of getting to the next point in your life, something happens. The fear that was kept in the back of your mind erupts with the fury of Vesuvius. Covering everything you know to be right and good in a smoky ash of doubt. This is what I call ‘the crack’. It’s always there, but only appears when you undergo a cultural and life defining evolution. Whether it’s induced by the status quo of society, a fear of deferring from the norm or simple human anxiety, it’s there and once you’re in there you feel absolutely helpless, you loose all connection with your current (perhaps in fear that it will disintegrate anyway. It surrounds you and makes you question yourself and your judgement. The only to climb out of this seemingly bottomless pit of doubt, is to just stop. It sounds simple, but once you realise you’re in it, at that exact moment, just stop. Stop walking, stop talking, stop listening to music, stop drinking your coffee. Then question it, slowly but surly you’ll come to realise how stupid and pointless it actually is and how your inner monologue can go haywire but can be put back into its perfect setting, in sync with you. The crack is formidable if left unchecked, left to fester with you inside it. So heed my warning, just stop and obliterate the concept before it obliterates you.


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