Morning sunset.

Imagine if the world worked differently. If one major thing way different, in this example; sexuality. Imagine if the homosexual population was the majority and the heterosexual population was the feared ‘one in four’. Do you think the world would be different? I know we’d have a much more controlled population size. But lets think about gender dynamics, if the stereotypes of sexuality today were applied there would a massive change in they way women and men are depicted in society. Women would be seen as masculine in line with the current lesbian stereotype and men would be labelled everything from ‘Macho’ to ‘Queen’. I hate to say it but I don’t think things would be any different. The homosexual population would be just as oppressive as the heterosexual are now. Because the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, you aren’t born with tolerance. You are born with the instinct to fight and the instinct to breed, eat, breathe but not tolerance. We only learn that when we have to, usually in the presence of discrimination. So once we’ve been oppressed, discriminated against or hated for no apparent reason other than feeble traditions that are more tedious than a child’s tantrum. The point of the complex internal monologue is to make you realise, realise not everyone is as lucky as you. So, the next time you call someone gay for the comedic pleasure, think about why that word is funny, how it came to be and how much pain, suffering and death it caused in a outcasted society for doing nothing more than nature intended. The word I would use to describe a comedic sexuality is ‘straight’.




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