The Dynamic Social Paradigm.

As humans we are supposed to be a communal species, we should huddle together on cold nights, bring home vast feasts on spring afternoons and provide shelter and water for any of our fellow species, we should all do at least one of these things, but we don’t. We don’t because as the human race has grown, aged and learnt, we somehow forgot pity and anguish along the way and replaced it with self-preservation. This is the new ‘dynamic’ change to the human race. As the world begins to burn we turn to ourselves for protection. But the funny thing is, to make a change to this soon-to-be smouldering ash ball, we need to once again band together and do absolutely everything in our power to aid the struggle of our earth, the almighty planet, Gaia, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. Now is not the time for identity or to ‘be your own person’. Now is the time to work together for a common cause.

Lets say we don’t work together, what’s the worst that could happen? Few kids living on lakes, a bit more of a tan in summer, right? Wrong. It would be so, so much worse. As the temperature of the planet increases, ecosystems that rely on a very short fluctuation of temperature through a year long period would be consistently exposed to a much larger fluctuation and in a much shorter time. They will collapse. And once our produce is gone and we are barely left with the ability to find water, doomsday sets in. But all this horror and despair can be aborted. We aren’t at doomsday just yet. If we go back to our species’ roots we can find a simple, effective and monumentally beautiful answer, work together. Don’t hate each other based on petty beliefs, be a good human, a good Homo sapien. Don’t let our world, our environment, our species down.



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