My Passive Right of Passage.


So, yesterday I was able to vote for the first time, of course I voted Labour for my council elections and the Socialist Party for the EU general, now it was a nice feeling, having my political voice heard. But then directly afterwards I was denied the ability to buy cigarettes because the glare ridden women behind the cash till decided to voice that she had never served me, despite the fact all of her colleagues had. This all happening within a ten minute period made me realise something, Newtons law about every action having an equal and opposite reaction, fell short when it came to social paradigms. Because the way people act cannot be explained by physics, no one can truly explain why people act, even this, right now. Even I don’t really know why i’m writing this, obligation? Sympathy? This post could easily be effected by the fact my time at college has come to an end, it feels like the end of an era and I’m just trying to have my say about it. It’s gone so very fast and despite all the bad, i’m going to be a little lost with out it. It really signifies how fast life is, how everything can change in what feels like a few seconds. There will always be glare ridden women at cash tills, just waiting to put back into the realisation stage of the life dynamic. The oxymoronic situation I experienced yesterday placed me right back into the realisation that you can control very little, voting for a political party one moment and being I.D.’d in the next.

Another series of events which complimented how little control we have as humans has played itself out the past few months, one of my best friends attempted suicide, another became the victim to a horrible relationship and and another’s boyfriend may have cancer. These horrific things force you to take perspective of what is important to you, because it’s something you can have some control over, even if it only the emotions you allocate it. Because in all honesty, life doesn’t give a fuck, it’ll destroy you and all those around you without a second thought. So, do your absolute best to keep what is important to you close, that way, you may not be able to fully control what happens to it or them, but you can prepare yourself.

And of course, never take anything for granted.


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