Man O’ War.

Throwing caution to the wind, I’m writing another one of my ‘deep internal monologues’. When asked the question of ‘what animal I would want to be?’ Last night during a night of debauchery, I answered ‘Galapagos Tortoise’ as I think the remaining sub-species are beautiful and graceful, but giving it further thought i’d like to rectify my answer. To the fabled ‘Man O’ war’, a marine cnidarian that is often mistaken for a jellyfish. In actuality it is a super organism made up of many different zooids that would not be able to survive on their own. It’s an incredible animal and if it’s purple and blue hues don’t shock you it’s toxic venom will. But they main reason I would want to be one is they don’t actually have a set path in life, the zooids that form the above surface area of this incredible marine creature, form a sail. They use it to simple follow where the wind takes them, no active movement, just trusting the mercy of the wind and the tide. An opposing metaphor can also be taken from it’s very unique life, when I see photo’s of them washing up on beaches an bays, I can’t help but feel a little anguish. They trusted the seas and it resulted in their eternal doom, I guess that’s the price you pay for freedom on the ocean.

The only reason I can think of for writing this fairly random post is that last night, once the debauchery ceased, I had one of my best friends stay in my bedroom, we discussed the normal teen drama situations around us but we also made some exciting plans. Once I’ve completed university, I plan on moving back home and I asked her if she wanted to live with me, not that this is a big metaphor about being tied down, i’m extremely excited. Don’t forget, all though the Man O’ War is a free spirit it is still made up of completely mutually dependant organisms. Which is the part I want to exaggerate, I have a petrifying fear of living alone. So the fact I have friends who are more than accepting of this and want to aid my well being by living with is one of the most endearing and loving gesture I have ever received. Appreciate your friends folks, they can do amazing things. And the Man O’ War, they’re just plain awesome.


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