Lost oppression.

This may be a vulgar comparison to my current situation but here goes. I have finished my A levels, three years, copious amounts of stress and just a hint of idiot teacher malarkey. Now it’s over, I have absolutely no idea how to occupy my time. I thought once it was over it would be this huge spiritual weight lifted from my mind, but instead i’m left feeling even worse. Now I wanted to use some statistics to back up my comparison, mental stress in our current education system has been recorded as the same mental strain as mental patients in the ’50s. Please bare in mind that it was during this time electroshock therapy was being used to ‘cure’ homosexuality, so I know this is outlandish to say the least, but what did the mental patients do with freedom? I would genuinely like to know, if i’m sharing the same mental strain as them, surly I can take a page out of their book to help myself recover from it. What did the do, how did they adjust, were they always out of sync? These are the same questions i’ve been asking my self for the past five days.

So, to test my little theory, the usual first step is to spend time in a safe environment, me home is a good option for that one, and once there, interact! Interact with everyone, your mum, your dad, your neighbours cat, everyone. This should put you back into the routine of ‘normality’. Eventually you’ll be left in a state of choice, you are then completely ready to choose what to do next. I just hope I make the right choice, oppression by way of education never let you choose ‘wrong’.


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