Everyone goes on and on about instinct but the reality is, we’ve lost it. We have no instinct, we are a shitty species consumed by our own greed and consumerism driven lives. Look at my life. It’s been one big dick train after another, and all it’s ever done is wear me down. People have a habit of romanticising every bloody aspect of society down to someone just smoking a cigarette on a street corner. “I bet he’s troubled with love”, “they’re the embodiment of our youth!” And the ever present “Oh my goodness, they’re so deep! This is so Instagram worthy!”

I’m so sick of people doing this. The truth is, he’s just smoking a fucking cigarette on a street corner, there isn’t much deeper meaning that. And even if there was, it’s not our place to know or speculate. If I was ‘deeply’ smoking a cigarette on a dark street corner, I wouldn’t want some random person knowing i’m struggling with my own mental health or to make the assumption that it’s ‘cool’ or ‘deep’. They sure as shit wouldn’t be thinking that if they were in my position.

If instinct was really still around they would know not to romanticise this bollocks and just get on with their own lives, and If I really needed it, i’d ask for a lighter. But at the end of the day, they aren’t my friends so what gives them the right to speculate or ask about my well being, what could they really do. Nothing. They could do nothing.

This is why instinct is dead, it would be a different story if it wasn’t. I may not have even begun writing this is if it wasn’t.


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